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Registration: Upselling services

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May 1, 2021 by
Registration: Upselling services


Add-ons below are additional services for which you have a YES or NO choice.

This section groups all the add-ons which must be ordered at the same registrar as the domain for which it is applicable.
For instance, you cannot order a Domain Privacy service for a domain from a different registrar than the one managing the domain.

Let's cover these add-ons and upselling services:

  1. Registration length beyond the minimum

  2. Domain privacy

  3. Trustee service

  4. Renewal warranty

1. Registration length beyond the minimum

For new registrations, the minimum registration length is often 1 year. However, it is 2 years for some extensions.

For renewals, the renewal increment is often 1 year but additional registration lengths are often available.

The available registration lengths for new registrations and renewals depend on each registry. It is a per extension/per operation policy rule.

When ordering a domain, some providers automatically set the registration length above the minimum.

Please be aware that, in the shopping cart, you can modify the length to meet what you consider the best length as per your needs.

2. Domain privacy

Aliases: Whois Privacy, Privacy Protection, and more as many registrars have rebranded this service.

The naming of this service may vary from one registrar to another.  For example:

  • Privacy.Link at Uniregistry:
    Uniregistry   Services (bottom)  Security

  • WhoisGuard at Namecheap:
    Namecheap   Security  WhoisGuard

This service aims to hide the contact details of a domain in the Whois by replacing them by anonymous data.

Note that it should still exist a way to contact the owner of the domain from the Whois data.

Consequently, there are two techniques to hide the email address in the Whois. The Whois displays either :

  • an anonymized email address which will redirect any messages to the owner's email address or;

  • a link to a webpage with a form allowing to contact the owner.

Note that local regulations such as the GDPR (i.e. General Data Protection Regulation) regulation in the European Union law, when applicable, also triggers the masking of the contact details in the Whois by replacing each masked data by "REDACTED FOR PRIVACY".  Note that both the owner name and country are not masked with GDPR.

As as result, you may not need to order the Whois Privacy service from your Registrar - especially when it is not free -  if you consider that the GDPR masking is sufficient.

Finally, this service is not allowed for some domain extensions due to registry restrictions.

Pricing structure:

Free of charge
When not free, usually  between $5-$10 for a year

 Sales taxes, if applicable

3. Trustee service

Aliases: Proxy service, Local presence

These services aim to provide a local country contact in order to comply with some registry restrictions.

Such restrictions are usually only applicable to the administrative contact of a domain. However, it is sometimes applicable to the domain owner instead.

101domain is a registrar well-known for offering trustee services for many extensions. Here is how they describe such services:
101domain   Services (bottom)  Trustee & Proxy Services

Pricing structure:

Usually less than $25 / year

 Sales taxes, if applicable

4. Renewal warranty

This service is not often offered.

For instance, it is proposed by Infomaniak with this description : "The guarantee of never loosing a domain name". More details from Infomaniak: Infomaniak   Domains  Renewal warranty.

The advantage of such service is not obvious, especially if the data attached to a domain are kept up to date, as well as the access details of the registrar's account with which the domain is registered.

Registration: Upselling services
DomainPrice May 1, 2021
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